Social Enterprise Academy kick off

Joining forces with Social Enterprise Academy to foster impactful leadership

We’re delighted to announce a strategic collaboration between IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and the Social Enterprise Academy to pilot a comprehensive leadership development programme designed to equip entrepreneurs with the essential skills and mindset to navigate within the complex landscape of social enterprises.

Recognising the pivotal role that effective leadership plays in driving sustainable growth and impact, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship has joined forces with the Social Enterprise Academy to empower social entrepreneurs with the tools they need to lead their enterprises with purpose, resilience, and strategic vision.  

Over the past five years, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship has co-created accelerator programmes and supported numerous cohorts of social entrepreneurs globally. Through this experience, we’ve come to understand that leadership is a fundamental cornerstone of successful social enterprises, regardless of sector or geographical location. Many social entrepreneurs may not inherently identify themselves as leaders, yet their dedication to catalysing change and creating impact positions them as influential figures within their businesses and communities.  

This collaboration with the Social Enterprise Academy brings a structured approach to leadership development. Its established methodology, known for its transformative learning experiences, aligns seamlessly with our objectives. By fostering self-awareness, imparting crucial leadership skills, and providing a platform for peer collaboration, we hope to empower social entrepreneurs to confidently embrace their leadership roles and make a meaningful impact on their teams and communities.  

Together with New Ventures, our accelerator programme partner in Mexico, we’ll pilot the inclusion of a leadership programme in our Mexico Accelerator Programme with the aim to integrate a dedicated leadership programme into all our accelerators.  

“We’re excited to be exploring the addition of a leadership programme with Social Enterprise Academy and New Ventures in Mexico,” says Åsa Skogström Feldt, Managing Director of IKEA Social Entrepreneurship B.V. “By tapping into the Academy’s expertise, and with New Ventures’ support, we are confident we can cultivate a community of socially conscious leaders. Together with their teams, they drive change not just within their enterprises, but across the broader social entrepreneurship landscape, a task that requires inclusive and sustainable leadership.” 

The leadership programme focuses on three core pillars: leading self, leading others, and leading organisations. The approach employs action learning, which emphasises active listening, open questioning, and coaching. This method fosters a dynamic learning environment that enables entrepreneurs to collaborate, problem-solve, and build lasting peer support networks. The active participation of IKEA co-workers as co-facilitators underscores our commitment to fostering genuine partnerships and driving shared impact.  

“The Academy is delighted to be working in partnership with IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and New Ventures to launch the leadership programme for social entrepreneurs in their Mexico Accelerator Programme," said Jakira Khanam, Head of International at Social Enterprise Academy. “For over 18 years the Academy has supported social entrepreneurs globally to achieve social, cultural and environmental outcomes through the development of the human talent in these enterprises. Leadership skills and mindsets are key to driving forward inclusive and sustainable social enterprises. We are excited to embark on this important learning journey with the social entrepreneurs in the Mexico Accelerator Programme, so that they can deliver even greater impact for people and planet.” 

By equipping entrepreneurs with the leadership skills they need to navigate challenges, capitalise on opportunities, and drive long-term growth and positive impact, we hope to contribute to a more robust, resilient social enterprise ecosystem across Mexico and beyond. 
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