No one organisation, group or individual can change the world on their own. We must come together and draw from each other’s strengths to make the difference we want. So, in order to achieve our goals we team up with dedicated organisations and people across the world. Doing this, we want to make a positive impact that will affect people everywhere, starting with the ones living in vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Accelerating for impact

When we support social entrepreneurs who are not developing products or services for IKEA, we partner with civil society organizations and focus on scaling up already successful businesses. They all have great business models that aim to solve social problems, but they have met challenges that stop them from growing. By supporting them in their expansion, we want to contribute to increasing these social entrepreneurs’ ability to achieve an even bigger social change. The businesses can operate in any location and provide any product or service.

Accelerator programmes

An accelerator programme is an established time-limited plan of actions where the key objective is to scale up social entrepreneurs’ businesses. All our accelerator programmes are co-created with our partnering civil society organisations and include IKEA co-worker engagement.

Direct investments

We meet individual social entrepreneurs’ needs and tailor support through grants, loans, equity investment in addition to non-financial support. This way they can continue to grow and expand their businesses, for maximised social impact.