No one organisation, group or individual can change the world on their own. We must come together and draw from each other’s strengths to make the difference we want. So, in order to achieve our goals we team up with dedicated organisations and people across the world. Doing this, we want to make a positive impact that will affect people everywhere, starting with the ones living in vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Accelerating for impact

When we support social entrepreneurs who are not developing products or services for IKEA, we partner with civil society organizations and focus on scaling up already successful businesses. They all have great business models that aim to solve social problems, but they have met challenges that stop them from growing. By supporting them in their expansion, we want to contribute to increasing these social entrepreneurs’ ability to achieve an even bigger social change. The businesses can operate in any location and provide any product or service.
Accelerator programme
An accelerator programme is an established time-limited plan of actions where the key objective is to scale up social entrepreneurs’ businesses. All our accelerator programmes are co-created with our partnering civil society organisations and include  IKEA co-worker engagement.

Direct investment
We see to individual social entrepreneurs’ needs and tailor support through grants, loans, equity investment and non-financial support. This way they can continue to grow and expand their businesses, for maximised social impact.

Social innovation
In areas where we see that we can combine innovating new possible business solutions and addressing a social challenge, we work with social innovation and incubation. 

Accelerator programme



Acumen is changing the way the world tackles poverty. Together we have co-created a programme that strengthens the capacity of 20 social entrepreneurs in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Rwanda, to scale their businesses so they can support more people who need it the most.
Read about the partnership with Acumen


The partnership with Ashoka combines the forces of one of the world’s leading companies and the largest network for social entrepreneurship globally. Together we have co-created a program to find, strengthen, and scale innovative solutions.
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Instellar news item


Together with Instellar and IKEA Indonesia, we have co-created a two-year accelerator programme to improve the lives of marginalised and excluded people in Indonesia.
Read about the partnership with Instellar
NESsT Coffee Farmers


Together with IKSO (IKEA Chile, Columbia & Peru) we have co-created an accelerator programme with NESsT, an organisation with over twenty years’ experience investing in entrepreneurial solutions that lift people out of poverty and empower communities to access quality jobs.
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New Ventures

New Ventures

New partnership with New Ventures to improve the livelihood of Mexico’s most vulnerable communities.
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Two women standing in the forest

WWF Mexico and WWF Nature Pays

Our partnership with WWF integrates conservation, sustainable agriculture (agroecology) and livelihoods in Mexico’s Oaxaca region.
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Direct Investment

Idid sowing fabric


There are many people who struggle to secure work and learn new skills.
I-did guides people to help get them their next job. Our partnership with
i-did supports this reintegration work and contributes to a more circular economy.
Read about the partnership with i-did


IKEA Social Entrepreneurship supports Ignitia to reach smaller holder farmers with accurate weather forecasts to allow them to better align their farming activities with the –now predictable- weather situation.

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Social Innovation

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Yunus Social Business

With our partner Yunus Social Business (YSB) we began a social innovation process involving key business stakeholders across IKEA.
We identified Paris as a location to co-create and test a solution that addressed some of the pressing social challenges of Paris.
Read about the partnership with Yunus Social Business