No one organisation, group or individual can change the world on their own. We must come together and draw from each other’s strengths to make the difference we want. So, in order to achieve our goals we team up with dedicated organisations and people across the world. Doing this, we want to make a positive impact that will affect people everywhere, starting with the ones living in vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Developing products for IKEA

Together with social enterprises around the world, we design and manufacture IKEA collections for IKEA customers. By doing this, we give them access to new marketplaces and sustainable production. We also collaborate with social entrepreneurs on a local level, where they provide products and services for selected IKEA stores.

Our collaborations target

Business development

Bringing together experienced IKEA co-workers and social entrepreneurs, we can offer operational support and strategic development through mentors and advisors. We also work with co-creation and provide targeted support within product design, business management, social impact analysis, monitoring and evaluation, communication, financial instruments, and networking. 

Accessing market places

Together with stakeholders and corporations we create or give access to new marketplaces. In addition, we give social enterprises access to the IKEA stores and online platforms, which provides a strong foundation for self-sufficiency and independence.

Business partners

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Read about how we develop and collaborate with social businesses producing products for IKEA.

Products and collections