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IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and NESsT have partnered to create three unique programmes to support over 40 social enterprises from a variety of sectors such as sustainable agriculture, job inclusion, circular economy, and sustainability working across South America and Poland and Romania.


With the ambition of improving the lives of 7,000 marginalised and excluded people across these regions, the co-created and tailor-made programmes have been designed alongside IKEA regional representatives. The programmes provide social entrepreneurs with hands-on guidance from IKEA co-workers and NESsT advisors to support them with their business scale-up plans so they can create jobs, reach underserved communities and contribute to inclusive and sustainable futures for people who need it most in South America, Poland, and Romania.

Programmes and Projects

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Refugee Employment Initiative

2022 - 2027

This five-year initiative, launched in July 2022, supports 15 social entrepreneurs in Poland and Romania focusing on long-term stability for refugees. The initiative will provide financing and capacity-building support to aid enterprises to adapt or scale their businesses, with the aim to benefit over 5,000 refugees.

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Poland and Romania Accelerator

2022 - 2024

The three-year accelerator programme, launched in February 2022, supports ten social entrepreneurs in Poland and Romania. They receive tailor-made technical assistance, business advice, market access support and financing, so they can scale their businesses and increase their positive impact on people and the planet.

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South America Accelerator

2020 - 2023

Since early 2020, this three-year programme supports 17 selected social entrepreneurs in Chile, Colombia and Peru. Looking to accelerate their business development, the entrepreneurs receive specific advice, tools and funding to make their scale-up plans a success.

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