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A global partnership to strengthen and scale the work of social entrepreneurs, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka will work with and support social entrepreneurs that contribute to equality, inclusion, and decent livelihoods around the world.

By supporting social entrepreneurs with their business scale-up plans, we enable both new and established social entrepreneurs to develop their solutions, and by sharing our learnings we help accelerate the social entrepreneurial movement. 

Dela Accelerator Programme

Curious to know what systems change is and how the Dela programme supports the social entrepreneurs with their systems change strategies? Watch this short animation to find out:
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Dela IV

Dela IV continues our partnership with Ashoka, co-creating a global accelerator to offer a space for scaling socially driven initiatives.
During the first three editions of the Dela Programme, over 200 selected experts from the global social innovation and corporate sector (including IKEA co-workers and colleagues from companies such as Microsoft) provided 35 leading social entrepreneurs the support to develop their impact-scaling strategies. We are excited to welcome another 12 social entrepreneurs in our fourth Dela Programme.

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Dela III

The Dela III programme focuses on systems change, acknowledging that, in order to achieve long-lasting change and social impact, it is often required to alter the underlying structures of a particular system. ​Through this accelerator programme, 10 leading social entrepreneurs will receive support in scaling the impact of their systemic change solutions. 

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Dela II

Ashoka and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship have co-created a global accelerator, Dela, to support leading social entrepreneurs develop their impact and scaling strategies. In this second edition of the programme, twelve social entrepreneurs will participate and embark on a journey to accelerate their ideas, supported by IKEA co-workers, business leaders, and the social entrepreneurs themselves. 

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Dela AcceleratorDela Summit Oct 24th 2019Dela Summit Oct 24th 2019

Dela I

The Dela accelerator programme was co-created by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka to support social entrepreneurs with their innovative solutions for solving systemic challenges. During the programme, IKEA co-workers, business leaders, and social entrepreneurs exchanged knowledge and inspired each other to contribute towards greater impact and systems change.

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Ashoka Fellows

As part of the Dela programme, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship supports Ashoka to identify and bring on board a number of social entrepreneurs to join their network and become an 'Ashoka Fellow'. These are social entrepreneurs that champion innovative ideas that transform society’s systems and improve the lives of millions of people. They are the ultimate role models in today’s world:

From our partner

Access Bangladesh Foundations' Albert Mollah conducts research in order to identify vulnerable communities and find the types of jobs that would best suit those who are unemployed. Read more about the immediate outcomes of his participation in the Dela global accelerator.