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We are stronger together

No one organisation, group or individual can change the world on their own. We must come together and draw from each other’s strengths to make the difference we want. So, in order to achieve our goals we team up with dedicated organisations and people across the world. Doing this, we want to make a positive impact that will affect people everywhere, starting with the ones living in vulnerable and marginalised communities.

No one organisation, group or individual can change the world on their own. We must come together and draw from each other’s strengths to make the difference we want. So, in order to achieve our goals we team up with dedicated organisations and people across the world. Doing this, we want to make a positive impact that will affect people everywhere, starting with the ones living in vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Different kinds of partnerships

Since we know that we can’t achieve the impact we want solely by doing business with social entrepreneurs developing products and services for IKEA, we’ve decided to do more. By expanding our support to social entrepreneurs operating on their own, we hope to accelerate the movement of social entrepreneurs all over the world.

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Developing products and services for IKEA

Together with social enterprises around the world, we design and manufacture IKEA collections for IKEA customers. By doing this, we give them access to new marketplaces and sustainable production. We also collaborate with social entrepreneurs on a local level, where they provide products and services for selected IKEA stores.

Our collaborations target

Business development
Bringing together experienced IKEA co-workers and social entrepreneurs, we can offer operational support and strategic development through mentors and advisors. We also work with co-creation and provide targeted support within product design, business management, social impact analysis, monitoring and evaluation, communication, financial instruments, and networking. 

Accessing market places
Together with stakeholders and corporations we create or give access to new marketplaces. In addition, we give social enterprises access to the IKEA stores and online platforms, which provides a strong foundation for self-sufficiency and independence.
Artisan Industry India

A win-win situation

By tapping into traditional handicraft skills, like pottery, embroidery, and weaving, we can offer our customers unique, handmade items – while we at the same time contribute to creating jobs for artisans living in vulnerable communities.

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Local partnerships with IKEA stores around the world

We encourage IKEA stores all over the world to establish partnerships with local social entrepreneurs. The result is customised products and services that aren’t part of the ordinary IKEA offer and that add value to the customer. 

For example, if you’re in the IKEA Bucharest restaurant, chances are the pastry and bread are baked by trainees and employees at Concordia. Concordia is a Romanian social business supporting disadvantaged children, youth, and families by offering professional training and jobs. 

In the Swedish IKEA Malmö store, customers can buy fabric and get it made to measure at the Yalla trappan studio, located at the entrance. Yalla trappan is a social enterprise that creates jobs for women far from the labour market. 

By partnering up with local social entrepreneurs, providing services and products for IKEA stores, we hope to inspire IKEA co-workers all over the world to invest even more in our joint vision of creating a better everyday life for as many people as possible. 

In image: Neire Kerimovska, a social entrepreneurs from Yallatrappan, Sweden.

Business partners and collections

Kavitha Nagaraj


Made by 5600 sure-handed artisans, BOTANISK is a collection of plant pots, baskets and other indoor gardening pieces that make ‘seeds of hope’ sprout. Not only from the planting and potting – but also from the thousands of jobs created for people who need it the most.
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In this photo: Akanksha Deo, IKEA designer (left), Dhinya (middle) & Teeja (right), artisans at Rangsutra.


The latest collection from IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, KLARAFINA and MOAKAJSA brings unique handicraft to a worldwide audience. But more importantly, it provides livelihood and employment for a group of artisans, who often struggle to secure decent work or long-term employment.
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HANTVERK, meaning handicraft in Swedish, is a collection created by skilled artisans in India, Thailand, Jordan, and Romania. Inspired by Scandinavian design, each item tells the story of a successful partnership, of great skills – and of life-changing new opportunities.
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INNEHÅLLSRIK collection is the 7th limited collection designed and produced in collaboration with skilled women artisans in India, and is made up by cushion covers, handwoven textiles, and banana-fibre baskets.
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The White Nile project

The Arabica coffee beans that grow close to the Murchison Falls in Uganda don’t only result in great coffee, but also in the empowerment of Ugandan farmers and their families. The coffee is sold in IKEA stores all over the world.
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Rangsutra works to nurture local handicraft traditions. The artisans working with them specialise in traditional Indian embroidery, textile and grass weaving. The collaboration have created over 1070 livelihoods and several IKEA collections.
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Industree Producer Transform

Located in the south of India, Industree Producer Transform nurtures traditional craftsmanship through the making of handwoven products out of natural materials like banana fibres. This, in turn, supports the livelihoods for over 2500 people. 
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Jordan River Foundation

Jordan River Foundation (JRF)  provides jobs for women refugees and for Jordanian women in need of work. The first joint IKEA and JRF collection, named TILLTALANDE, was produced by more than 100 women, a number that has increased to 250. 
Hands clay vase

Doi Tung

The Doi Tung’s creates livelihood for tribal people living in the mountain area of Doi Tung. Their mission is to ensure that their artisans, who have small opportunities to get jobs, are economically self-reliant, without compromising the environment or their own cultural values. So far our collaboration has resulted in 7+ collections.
Fernando Assad Housing project Brazil

Accelerating social impact

When we support social entrepreneurs who’s not developing products or services for IKEA, we partner with civil society organisations and focus on scaling up already successful businesses. They all have great business models that aim to solve social problems, but they have met challenges that stop them from growing. By supporting them in their expansion, we want to contribute to increasing these social entrepreneurs’ ability to achieve an even bigger social change. The businesses can operate in any location and provide any product or service. 

Direct investment
We see to individual social entrepreneurs’ needs and tailor support through grants, loans and non-financial support. This way they can continue to grow and expand their businesses, for maximised social impact.

Accelerator programme
An accelerator programme is an established time-limited plan of actions where the key objective is to scale up social entrepreneurs’ businesses. All our accelerator programmes are co-created with our partnering civil society organisations and include  IKEA co-worker engagement.

Social innovation
In areas where we see that we can combine innovating new possible business solutions and addressing a social challenge, we work with social innovation and incubation. 

Our current partners



The partnership with Ashoka combines the forces of one of the world’s leading companies and the largest network for social entrepreneurship globally. Together we have co-created a program to find, strengthen, and scale innovative solutions.
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Acumen is a global community changing the way the world tackles poverty. Together we have co-created a programme that looks to strengthen the capacity of 20 social entrepreneurs in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda, to scale their businesses so they can support more people who need it the most.
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WWF Mexico and WWF Nature Pays

Our partnership with WWF integrates conservation, sustainable agriculture (agroecology) and livelihoods in Mexico’s Oaxaca region.
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New Ventures

New Ventures

New partnership with New Ventures to improve the livelihood of Mexico’s most vulnerable communities.
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NESsT Coffee Farmers


Together with IKSO (IKEA Chile, Columbia & Peru) we have co-created an accelerator programme with NESsT, an organisation with over twenty years’ experience investing in entrepreneurial solutions that lift people out of poverty and empower communities to access quality jobs.
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