Female artisans at Rangsutra

New collection ÅKERNEJLIKA is crafted with care

Inspired by Nordic flora, ÅKERNEJLIKA collection brings the beauty of handcrafted textiles to your home. The collection was designed by Paulin Machado and crafted by female artisans in rural India and Jordan. It’s a collaboration with social entrepreneurs that contributes to providing a long-term livelihood for the artisans.

Social businesses Rangsutra and Jordan River Foundation specialise in handicrafts, preserving their countries’ genuine craftmanship and traditions – both Jordanian roots and heritage in the remote villages in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

“For this collection, I was inspired by plants and flowers, especially a Swedish herb with small pink flowers called ÅKERNEJLIKA. The embroideries are based on my drawings of the plant. The style is romantic with light colours – blue hues with pink details on a cream-coloured background where stripes adorn the backs of the cushion cover and the throw. I’ve focused a lot on the details to make each product special and give the collection a rich expression,” said designer Paulin Machado about ÅKERNEJLIKA.
The focus on handicrafts has dual advantages: IKEA customers are offered unique handcrafted products, and it creates income opportunities for many artisans with different skills. Over 1400 people are involved in the production for IKEA in India, and over 375 refugee women and local Jordanian women in Amman, Jordan.   

The founder of Rangsutra, Sumita Ghose, explains:   
“We believe in being the change we want to see in the world. The change we envision is a more just and inclusive world where everyone has the chance to grow. When women in marginalised communities are empowered, skilled and employed, they ignite transformation within themselves, their families and communities, resulting in change.”  

The cushion covers from Jordan River Foundation are flowery and soft, a dreamy match to the rest of the collection. The female artisans come from refugee backgrounds or are local Jordanians, which is crucial for creating better integration in Jordan, with its large number of refugees in the country.   

After five years of collaboration and production of IKEA products, surveys were conducted to see how the women have experienced progress over the years. Today, women’s personal economy has improved, and many bonds have been created over the years, both professionally and personally, leading to friendship and socialising between different groups outside of work. Long-lasting change takes time, but these positive movements show how vital change happens when you enable it.   

At the World Refugee Forum in December 2023, IKEA renewed its pledge, committing to employing 400 artisans by the following forum in 2027. It’s an ambition we aim to reach as early as possible, but most importantly, we’re committed to continue working long-term for the years ahead.   

ÅKERNEJLIKA is available in all IKEA markets.   

Search for ÅKERNEJLIKA on your local IKEA website to find the entire collection.   
Artisans from Rangustra making products for the ÅKERNEJLIKA collection.