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Florence-Caqueta,  Colombia

Latin America Accelerator
in partnership with NESsT

Agrosolidaria produces products made from sustainably cultivated Amazonia plants of which the sales translate into higher incomes for farmers

Agrosolidaria is a social enterprise founded at the foothills of the Colombian mountains by 12 associations representing more than 250 small farming families. The majority of these families were victims of the Colombian conflict and producers of coca, as the only means of livelihoodsThe enterprise transitioned these farmers to products made from sacha inchi, a plant that produces seeds rich in omega-3, protein, and vitamin E. 

Agroslidaria now operates the largest processing plant in the Colombian Amazon region and sells agricultural and cosmetic products made from sustainably cultivated Amazonia plants. The Amazon rainforest’s immense biome is home to 80,000 plant species that provide immeasurable benefits to our food systems and health, holding keys to new medicine, biocosmetics, natural pigments, natural fragrances, essential oils, and more. According to the United Nations, the demand for environmentally sustainable and biodiversity-based products is expected to triple by 2030.

With the opening of its processing plant in 2017, Agrosolidaria expanded the benefits of biodiverse products to the local market, including local fairs and events, doubling its sales, which translated into higher incomes for farmers. The plan was to expand these sales to both national and global markets. And as part of its e-commerce strategy, Agrosolidaria will support small farmers and members of the cooperative to access higher margins by selling their value-added products directly to consumers.

Programme support: 

Throughout the pandemic, Agrosolidaria was forced to reduce sales of products through retail channels due to lockdowns. NESsT and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship invested in the enterprise at this critical stage to help it launch its e-commerce sales channels and will continue to do so helping the enterprise to evolve its branding, communications, and customer experience to become a trusted brand for responsibly-sourced Amazonian products that support indigenous communities.