Santiago, Chile 

Dela IV Accelerator 
in partnership with Ashoka


empowers communities through affordable and sustainable shopping

Despite being seen as one of the most developed countries in Latin America, 70% of Chile’s underprivileged population struggles daily to meet their basic needs. The cost of living is rising, but wages are not keeping pace, making it even harder for vulnerable communities who often pay a “poverty tax”, where smaller packages of essential goods, such as soap, cost more by weight. In Chile, lower-income customers who purchase products in the smallest packaging spend 140% more than those who can afford larger packages.   

Algramo, a social enterprise based in Chile, is tackling this problem by providing more affordable essential items to consumers without creating waste from single-use packaging. The company’s innovative dispensary machines offer basic household products and nonperishable foods at a consistent price per gram, regardless of the quantity purchased. This ensures that lower-income customers do not have to pay a higher price over time due to their inability to buy in bulk.  

The company aims to democratise sustainable models and make them accessible to more people. The company has partnered with major brands like Unilever, Nestle, Walmart and Target to provide widely available products, such as hand soap and sanitiser, across Chile and the United States.  

Algramo envisions expanding its transformative model to more communities, cities, and regions. Through its expansion, the company aims to spread the concept of smart, sustainable purchasing, dissociating lower prices from the stigma of poverty. The company plans to become one of the first B Corporations in Chile, emphasising its commitment to social and environmental impact while generating public benefits.  

Programme support 

With Dela, Algramo hopes to unlock their strategy for a larger rollout, increasing their impact and footprint. We look forward to supporting the company in its mission to create a better future for both consumers and the environment.