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Bioforestal Innovación Sustentable

Texcoco, Mexico  

Mexico Accelerator Programme
in partnership with New Ventures   


Bioforestal Innovación Sustentable combines economic growth for forest owners with the care and conservation of their forests.  

High greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sector cause climate change consequences that affect the economic development of forest communities. Each year, the industrial sector in Mexico deforests 180 thousand hectares of forests and jungles, causing a high loss of biodiversity.   

Forest communities are often dependent on government support to protect their land. However, the support received is often inadequate, and there needs to be more funding and capacity development for people to build and organise their productive projects to protect their forests.   

Bioforestal Innovación Sustentable addresses these challenges by empowering forest communities to conserve their land, generate carbon credits, and build a greener future.  

The enterprise supports forest communities with technical knowledge and in implementing productive conservation projects that can be funded by themselves (bringing together financial resources of several community members) or co-financed by strategic allies such as private companies. The carbon credits generated by these projects are sold in the carbon market to companies interested in compensating for their carbon emissions. The return on investment obtained in the carbon market is then distributed amongst the forest communities or companies initially invested in the project.  

In a short span, the organisation has achieved remarkable progress. Operating across eight Mexican states, including Chihuahua, Hidalgo, and Oaxaca, the beneficiaries represent diverse gender and socioeconomic backgrounds. This balanced outreach – equally benefiting 50% women and 50% men – underscores the organisation's commitment to inclusivity. These initiatives span across educational levels, from elementary to university education, encompassing vulnerable communities and the middle class.  

Programme support  

During its time in the New Ventures programme, we will support Bioforestal Innovación Sustentable to increase its portfolio of clients (forest communities) and diversify its carbon capture project offer. Through mentorship with IKEA co-workers, the enterprise aims to streamline its processes and improve operational efficiency to reduce the collection times of carbon credits.