Desplastificate products


Mexico City, Mexico  

Mexico Accelerator Programme  
in partnership with New Ventures  


Desplastifícate is an innovative online platform offers affordable eco-products driving the transition towards a greener lifestyle in Mexico

Mexico is at the crossroads of plastic consumption and pollution, being the largest U.S. plastic product export market and ranking as the top consumer of plastic-packaged goods globally. The production of cleaning products with toxic chemicals and plastic containers has affected the planet and our bodies. 80% of the liquids that we discard from our homes contaminate rivers and seas with chemicals and microplastics that we ingest. This has motivated consumers to seek organic and sustainable options, which are often scarce and more expensive than mainstream alternatives. 

Desplastifícate is a social enterprise addressing the pressing environmental concerns of plastic pollution and toxic chemical usage. Its mission is to provide accessible, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastic-packaged products, fostering a transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  

Central to its ethos is the circular economy model, woven into every facet of its operation. Through its online platform, conscious consumers can buy a range of sustainable products using a subscription-based refill system, with every product sold under the Desplastifícate brand sold in reusable glass containers to reduce waste further. 

The company’s commitment extends beyond its own biodegradable product line; it collaborates closely with local producers, extending the reach of its offerings through the online platform. This ensures a steady supply of sustainable alternatives while positively impacting the local economy and the environment. 

Programme support  

During its time in the New Ventures programme, we will support Desplastifícate to drive sustainable growth by extending its personal care line and identifying strategic alliances for organic acquisition. We look forward to supporting the team as they look to redefine consumption, challenge norms, and inspire a conscious shift towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow.