Pellet Mexico

Pellet México Bioenergía 

San Miguel Almoloyan, Mexico  

Mexico Accelerator Programme  
in partnership with New Ventures  


Pellet México Bioenergía is driving sustainability and uplifting forestry communities with innovative biofuels 

The world is currently facing the challenge of climate change, caused in part by harmful carbon dioxide emissions from various industries. The industrial sector contributes around 70% of emissions from transportation and heating, and the need for effective solutions is evident. However, traditional efforts to shift to more sustainable, renewable forms of energy have fallen short, leaving a critical gap in addressing industrial emissions. 

Pellet México Bioenergía is a social enterprise working to address this gap and combat climate change. The company provides a practical solution by harnessing the power of wood pellets – renewable biofuels made from agricultural waste, fostering a circular economy.  

These cylindrical granules are a sustainable heat source for various sectors like industry, homes, and tourism, offering a tangible eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Solid biofuels can save the industrial sector up to 40% of energy costs and reduce 2.7 million tons of CO2 emissions annually. 

The company's impact reaches beyond emissions. Through partnerships with rural communities, Pellet México secures crucial raw materials  (like sawdust from wood, mango peel, avocado seed and palm root) while generating employment opportunities, thus empowering and uplifting these regions. It works to equip agroforestry communities with knowledge about emerging bioenergy markets, ensuring sustainable practices for the future. 

With production plants in four key states in Mecixo, Pellet is poised to expand its footprint and make an even more significant impact. By fostering partnerships with combustion technology experts, it offers biofuels and the means to utilise them effectively. 

Programme support 

During the Mexico Accelerator Programme, Pellet aims to refine its marketing strategy and increase its production capacity for biofuel pellets. We look forward to supporting Pellet as it works to empower individuals, advance communities, and propel Mexico towards a greener, brighter future.