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Pixza helps to fight homelessness through their blue corn pizza restaurants.

Pixza is a social empowerment platform disguised as a Pizzeria.

Founded in 2015, Pixza helps to fight homelessness in Mexico City through their blue corn pizza restaurants.
It is estimated that in Mexico 78% of the population (more than 90million people) live in some form of social abandonment and approximately 14million people live on the streets.

Pixza look to address these issues through different strategies such as gifting Pixzas (Pizza’s) to people who find themselves homeless and use this approach to inform them about their emplyment and training programmes

The majority of people they support can be characterised as being homeless, having educational gaps, a dependency on drugs, refugees or migrants.

Once the people are recruited, they go through a 12-month program where they continuously develop their professional skills and receive support to improve their socio-emotional development and well-being. After graduating from the programme, every participant would have fulfilled at least 75% of their professional and personal life plan indicators and also receives a job offer in one of the Pixza restaurants.

Since 2015 Pixza has supported +195 people and distributed more than 17,900 slices of Pixzas among vulnerable young people.

To date, over 220,000 people have benefited and/or had experience through Pixza. In 2020, Pixza won the 1st prize of the VIVA Schmidheiny 2020 Awards “Enterprises with Social Impact in Latin America”.