Pura water


Mexico City, Mexico 
Mexico Accelerator Programme 
in partnership with New Ventures   

Pura addresses the issue of plastic waste and inadequate access to clean water in Mexico

Every year, a staggering 8 million tons of plastic contaminate our oceans. In Mexico City alone, around 13,000 tons of garbage are produced daily, with plastics accounting for a significant 13.21% of the waste. Despite regulations like the City's Solid Residues Law, Mexico continues to be a global leader in single-use plastics and bottled water consumption, driven by tap water's insufficient purification and drinkability.

Pura, a social enterprise based in Mexico City, is on a mission to transform how water is consumed in Mexico. By designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced water purifiers, the company empowers people to lessen their reliance on plastic water jugs and bottles. Pura operates through an efficient business model, selling its purifiers through an online store, physical retail outlets, and corporate partnerships, including support services and affordable spare parts for maintenance. Its purifiers utilise nanomaterial technology to eliminate contaminants like arsenic, addressing the concerns around water quality. 

In addition to offering premium water purifiers, Pura allocates 20% of its revenue to support vulnerable communities lacking access to safe drinking water. Collaborating with NGOs and civil society partners, it installs free water purifiers in these underserved areas, ensuring access to one of our most basic human rights – safe drinking water.

Programme support

During the Mexico Accelerator Programme, we will support Pura in developing its international expansion strategy, aiming to reach Europe and South America, ensuring more communities access clean water sustainably. We look forward to supporting the company's mission to change water consumption norms for a cleaner, healthier Mexico and beyond.