Indonesia has recently experienced strong economic growth however, this has not benefited rural and marginalised communities. Together with Instellar and IKEA Indonesia, we have co-created a two-year accelerator programme to improve the lives of marginalised and excluded people in Indonesia by strengthening the work of 10 social enterprises and supporting them with their business scale-up plans.

The Indonesia Accelerator programme supports 10 of Indonesia’s innovative social entrepreneurs that provide jobs and deliver goods or services to address local needs, for example giving smallholder farmers, women, coastal and indigenous communities and at-risk youth the opportunity to create a better everyday life.

By providing business support, networking opportunities and access to funding to the social enterprises, they will be able to scale their impact and improve equality, inclusion and sustainability and therefore the levels of livelihood for those that need it most. The participating social enterprises operate in a variety of sectors such as sustainable agriculture, circular economy and responsible sourcing of secondary materials.