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Reduction of Brazilian social inequality through the empowerment of women artisans

Instituto Realice's vision is to contribute to the reduction of Brazilian social inequality through the empowerment of women artisans, conducting training, forming networks and access to increase their income.

They value and support artisans and regional handmade craftworks in different communities, either organized groups or individuals in the country. Rede Asta aims to leverage the handicraft economy to generate income, wellbeing, sustainable production and build local networks.

In Brazil, 50% of all workers participate in the informal economy. Gaps in the distribution chain make it difficult for informal producers to reach their intended market. As a result of this disconnect, informal artisans (9 million of which 80% are females) have little access to valuable market information& are left with few avenues through which to sell their goods and thus battle daily to make a living in this economy.

Alice has created a direct sales catalog to help informal artisans overcome the challenges of large-scale distribution. By equipping a team of well-trained sales agents with an intimate understanding of the personal histories and social impact behind the products, Alice enables consumers to exercise informed decision-making, and provides a direct communication channel between producers and consumers.

In order to reach the IKEA vision of ‘a better everyday for the many people’ we need more people and businesses to join the journey. I hope to contribute with my knowledge and experience of developing business and people in line with a good purpose. Also, super curious to learn something new and to discuss and co-create solutions together.

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Fredrika Inger
Global Business Area Manager Livingroom at Inter IKEA Group