Mitt Liv

Mitt Liv


Dela II Accelerator
in partnership with Ashoka 

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Working with diversity and inclusion at the labormarket to make sure everyone gets the chance they deserve

Mitt Liv's vision is a society that breaks down barriers to support an open mindset and employers actively working with diversity and inclusion at the labour market to make sure everyone gets the chance they deserve.

In Sweden, it takes approximately 6-9 years for immigrants until they get a job. This is mainly due to the lack of inclusivity & diversification in companies’ cultures & the limited resources that immigrants have access to such as networking, personal relationships, and reference.

Mitt Liv is tapping the most driven of immigrant girls in Sweden to launch them into the labour market. She connects with schools and principals to gain the legitimacy that many immigrants place on the education system. Mitt Liv partners with traditional companies to build mentor relationships between them and company employees, as well as to expand educational opportunities into the extracurricular space.

Recently, Mitt Liv was a guest in Ashoka Nordic's Special Podcast about Diversity & Inclusion. You can find the full interview and how Mitt Liv reflects on her change-making journey in the field of social entrepreneurship here

My vision is a world where all people have the same opportunities no matter which pre-condition they are facing. In pursuit of this vision, I would like to support with my supply chain knowledge and business experience social entrepreneurs to follow their great ideas to change the system and do my utmost to help to create a positive impact.

IKEA Strategy Partner
Bettina Castillo
Global Supply Operations Manager at IKEA Supply AG


I love IKEA for the culture and values and our vision- ‘to create a better everyday life for the many and the opportunity I have to support social entrepreneurs gives me the chance to give back and help out the community and the world. With my 30 years of working for IKEA on 3 continents, in business and people roles, I hope to share my learnings and experience during the program.

IKEA Strategy Partner
Peter List
Global Talent Manager at IKEA, INGKA