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East Africa Accelerator 2021

East Africa


Participating Social Enterprises


Acumen and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship collaborate once again and have co-created the 2021 accelerator programme to strengthen the work of 14 social entrepreneurs across East Africa. 

Similar to the 2020 East Africa Accelerator, this programme also combines online learning and coaching support to the social entrepreneurs, with IKEA co-workers (coaches) playing an active role in sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences. Participants learn the value of engaging with customers, modelling finances for sustainability and developing a marketing strategy. 

Through the programme, Acumen and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship support social entrepreneurs located in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda to develop a scalable business model. This allows the participating social entrepreneurs to have a bigger impact on the livelihoods of marginalized people.

Social Enterprises

Agro Supply

Agro Supply

A mobile layaway platform that enables farmers to save for agricultural inputs seeds, fertilizer, and training using their mobile phones. 
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A clean, affordable solar cookstove that is used by rural schools and reduces indoor pollution while conserving forests.
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era92 Creative

Works with businesses worldwide on digital and media development projects of which the profits are used to upskill youth in Uganda with digital skills.
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GreenPot Enterprises

Bamboo business with interests in large scale nurseries, plantations, and an out-grower programme with small scale farmers.
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Hidota Farmer's

A farmers' organization owned by smallholder farmers with as its main goal to improve the economic and social status of farmers.
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Jaguza Tech

Ag-tech company that aims to transform the livestock farming sector by solving major problems plaguing this sector.
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Mukuru Clean Stoves

Mukuru Clean Stoves designs manufacture and distributes improved efficient and reliable cookstoves. 
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PayWay Ethiopia

PayWay Ethiopia is an e-payment service to provide banking and payment services to rural, unbanked populations.
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Smart Foods

Smart Foods invests in new nutritious and healthy products from soybeans, coconuts and other cereals and legumes.
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Solerchill Technologies

Solar-powered cold chain technologies to help farmers, vendors and restaurant owners safely preserve their unsold food.
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accessibility project

TAI, The Accessibility Institute

Producer of low cost, high-quality Assistive Technology devices, changing the lives of low-income mobility-impaired people in Kenya and Africa.
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Vava Coffee

A social enterprise that has a network of coffee producers in different regions of East Africa. Vava Coffee exports, roasts and consults on coffee value chains. 
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Working with smallholder farmers that provide the raw materials to process and sell certified honey.
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ZIMA creates horticultural products from the pumpkin fruit that offer both nutritional and medicinal value in Rwanda and neighbouring countries.
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