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The business of the future: fair and equal

Since 2012, IKEA has been collaborating with social businesses – pioneers with the ambition to create a business that is ethical in all dimensions.

IKEA Social Entrepreneurship started with the vision of honoring unique skills and competencies and gives them a global platform to stand on – resulting in better lives for those who need it most. This has been accomplished by partnering with enterprises that produce products and services that in turn empower people who struggle to provide for themselves and their loved ones. The result is financial independence and life-changing opportunities for families and communities; with improved health care, education, and gender empowerment.

The partnerships between IKEA and social businesses have grown steadily since the start, initially employing a modest 100 artisans and selling only in selected markets. Today IKEA Social Entrepreneurship business partnerships create work for more than 30.000 people, with products available globally. The ambition? To reach 95.000 jobs in the coming years, which will be achieved by scaling up existing business partners while adding new partners that can scale quickly and employ even more people, faster.

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