IKEA today (17 December 2020) announced new commitments across its value chain for refugees at the first Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, Switzerland:

  • Ingka Group plans to support 2,500 refugees through job training and language skills initiatives in 300 Forum in Geneva, Switzerland: stores and units in 30 countries.

  • Inter IKEA Group will create sustainable livelihood for 400 women through its partnership with Jordan River Foundation.

  • The IKEA Foundation commits EUR 100 million in grants over the next five years for programmes that help refugees and their hosting communities improve their incomes and become more self-reliant. 

IKEA Social Entrepreneurship is continuously developing partner collaborations to improve livelihood opportunities for marginalised groups and vulnerable groups around the world. Our partnership with Jordan River Foundation is a strong contribution reaching out towards refugee groups, with social entrepreneurs who produce products for IKEA.

The partnership co-creates and develops IKEA textile products produced by refugee and local women in Jordan.  

“We are now taking the next step with this partnership. Ingka Group’s commitment to sell not only single products, but entire collections, in all countries will make it possible to create sustainable livelihood for even more women, going from today’s 250 to 400 women in the coming years. IKEA commits to scaling the initiative through a clear focus in all parts of IKEA – from developing the partner and the range offer, to a clear focus in sales”, said Vaishali Misra, Business Leader IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, IKEA of Sweden/Inter IKEA Group.