Annual Review FY20

A year in retrospect

It is difficult to recall what the world looked like before COVID-19. It was a world of economic optimism, but also one needs to address mounting, great challenges related to climate change, inequality, and livelihoods. Besides dealing a devastating blow to the global economy, the pandemic has exacerbated every one of these tensions.

At IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, we have fortunately been able to continue supporting our existing partners, developing new programmes and partnerships. And, in doing that, scaling up our support to social entrepreneurs, and the people they assist, through the pandemic.

During FY20 (September 2019 – August 2020) we joined forces with some of the main global actors within the social entrepreneurship sector in the COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs. We continued to develop the social business partnerships through IKEA Social Entrepreneurship Range & Supply, with more products made by existing partners and with new partners that can contribute to future expansion. And, we saw an expansion of our programmes that support social entrepreneurs and enterprises into Latin America.

You can read about these, along with case studies and highlights in our Annual Review FY20 which is available now online and to download.