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Her Impact offers personalised development plans to support and empower women in the labour market.

In recent years, Poland has faced a serious talent shortage – in 2021, 81 percent of Polish companies reported difficulties with finding new employees to fill open job positions. Despite the labour gap, women remain underrepresented in the workforce. Her Impact addresses gender disparities in the Polish labour force by supporting women to find quality employment opportunities through technology.  

As the largest recruitment platform for women in Europe, Her Impact’s online platform offers educational materials, career development exercises, webinars, job opportunities, and access to a digital community to help women to build their career paths and hone their professional skills. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Her Impact provides tailored career development planning for each user based on the results of their competency tests. Content shared on its platform is created in cooperation with professionals across the country. As of the beginning of 2023, the Her Impact community consists of 71,700 women with around 14,000 registered platform users.  

By building an online tool that offers personalized professional development services, the Polish social enterprise seeks to meet the employment needs of women from all backgrounds, including those who are younger, from smaller towns and rural areas, identity as LGBTQ+, and/or are refugees as well as those who are returning to the labour market after maternity leave or are simply looking for a career change. With its innovative technology, Her Impact also aims to foster a network of aspiring women workers, mentors, and professionals, further strengthening the representation of women in the labour force and supporting more women to upskill and build sustainable careers. 

Programme support  With support from NESsT and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, Her Impact will enhance the user interface of its digital platform and develop a mobile app that provides recruiting services. In addition, the programme will support Her Impact to reach its national market expansion goals, helping the Polish enterprise to launch marketing campaigns and activities to increase its reach. 

After the war broke out in Ukraine, Her Impact added career resources for refugee women in their native language on its website, helping them to build their skills to access quality jobs. In total, the Polish enterprise supported over 1,200 women from Ukraine on its platform, offering services that range from resume translation to career training. Through the programme Her Impact in their work with refugees. In addition, NESsT will also help Her Impact to track and monitor its impact. 
Her Impact founders
Her Impact founders Magdalena Linke-Koszek and Karolina Cwalina-Stępniak.