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Uwaga Smiecairka Jedzie


Dela III
in partnership with Ashoka 

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Uwaga Smieciarka Jedzie

Uwaga Smiecairka Jedzie promotes circularity and provides an open community where second-hand items can be exchanged and upcycling and recycling is encouraged

In Poland, higher consumption and a shorter lifespan for products lead to an increase in waste on land. Uwaga Smiecairka Jedzie aims to stop this waste problem by helping people save their unwanted items and change the way we look at consumerism. 

The social enterprise advocates the re-use of products and offers a tool to support this: the Quick: Garbage Truck Approaching! is an open community where people who would like to exchange second-hand items can connect and upcycling and recycling is encouraged.

Uwaga Smiecairka Jedzie has since its start saved over one million items from going to the trash in over 263 cities across Poland. The community has now grown to over 500k people with 160 local leaders who both online and offline have become ecology activists.

Programme support:

Dominika, the founder of Uwaga Smiecairka Jedzie, loves art and design and has always seen the beauty in old and used things. She is a promoter of design that considers social and ecological aspects which inspired her to reduce waste by upcycling. 

The Dela III programme will support Dominika in turning Uwaga Smiecairka Jedzieam from a social initiative to a stable and formal organisation. IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka will support on this front by providing the know-how on optimising business processes and upscale strategy.


Old matroesjka like doll being reused to decorate a home for the Day of the Dead.

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