ALTRNTV brings together Romanian designers from the fashion, cosmetics and home-deco sustainable industries

On Friday 13 May during Romanian Design Week, a new space, ALTRNTV, opened in Bucharest dedicated to clothing, accessories, cosmetics and home-deco products created from sustainable materials.

ALTRNTV is a space designed and developed by Atelier Merci, a social enterprise that discovers and promotes designers of sustainable products. 

The first designers exhibiting at ALTRNTV include Atelier Merci, Bewise, Bianca Georgescu, Boobie Love, Deplin, Devla Accessories, GLOM, Huna, Katerini, Lailui, Ludic, OilRight, One shirt, Poartă-mă cu flori, Pottery Paw, Stycle, Wooba, YKO-YKO. All products are made from sustainable materials and use environmentally and leather-friendly production techniques. 

"I use durable ceramic materials, for example porcelain and tiles, and their decoration is made with natural food-safe pigments and glazes. If an object breaks down before the final combustion, I recycle and reuse the material. ", Xantya Turcu, ceramist, Pottery Paw. 

A repurposed space showcasing repurposed products 

The space is located in a building that for more than 100 years was known as the Trianon-Bucharest Cinema. It was reopened to the public by the ALTRNTV team together with Oblique Studio, PAB Group, Concept Evolution and Artisan Coffee. 

In addition to the store, ALTRNTV hosts a café with specialty coffee, ALT COFFEE, and a gallery, ALT GALLERY, which presents designer pieces dedicated using upcycled textiles. The first exhibited works belong to the artists Dorina Horătău and Stefania Truică. Dorina, showing her collection the work "SECOND-HAND COUTURE" is an associate professor doctor at the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design at UNARTE (the National University of the Arts). Stefania is a graduate of UNARTE and is exhibiting her collection made from recycled jeans. 
AtelierMerci - Romania 6

Social enterprise Atelier Merci is committed to circular economy practices, using textile scraps from clothing to create decorative house products and bags and offering recycling services to its clients for their used clothes.

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Eco-design and smart solutions for sustainable business spaces 

With sustainability at the heart of the project, ALTRNTV consciously designed and created the space using materials with low environmental impact. The flooring is made from recycled materials, an intelligent lighting system designed to make energy consumption more efficient was installed, and the furniture is created from wood purchased in Romania. 

Fashion and design with social impact 

Atelier Merci donates its full profit, including from ALTRNTV, to the humanitarian projects of the Merci Charity association. Atelier Merci is one of nine social enterprises supported by an accelerator programme created by NESsT and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship. The three-year accelerator programme, launched in February 2022, supports social enterprises in Poland and Romania. They receive tailor-made technical assistance, business advice and financing, to scale their businesses and increase their positive impact on people and the planet. 

The investment and mentoring offered in the programme has supported Atelier Merci to open its ALTRNTV store, hire employees and obtain quality certifications.  

With the support of the Poland and Romania accelerator, Atelier Merci plans to evolve into a sustainable fashion brand in Romania and expand its network of Romanian artisans over the next few years. By implementing its strategy to leverage its online platform, Atelier Merci will ensure that more small producers can sell their products while promoting a more circular and sustainable fashion industry in the country.