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Dela II Accelerator



Participating Social Enterprises

The second edition of the Dela programme features an accelerator for 12 social entrepreneurs. The Dela accelerator II focuses on enhancing the system change strategies of the social entrepreneurs and identifying the milestones required to attain them. With the support of advisors from Ashoka, IKEA and Thought Partners from Microsoft, the social entrepreneurs will develop and present their new strategies to a group of hand-picked top-level executives. These executives will challenge any assumptions, ask probing questions and offer last-minute advice, all with the aim to refine and better the strategies developed.

After this stage, the social entrepreneurs will get the option to join a Scoping and Experimentation phase. This phase will see them paired with IKEA and Microsoft ‘Experimenting Partners’ & other experts to further test the feasibility, viability and desirability of their ideas. The outcome could see the first steps towards implementation and realisation.