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Dela IV



Participating Social Enterprises

Dela IV continues our partnership with Ashoka to tackle the root causes of inequality, poverty and climate change.

In Swedish, “Dela” means to share. Both IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka share a similar mission of exchanging knowledge, perspectives and networks. The forth edition of Dela supports twelve social entrepreneurs to further develop and test their impact-scaling strategies through systems change approach.

Participants in the programme will be guided by IKEA co-workers and global business leaders and gain insights into new markets and business models, translating awareness into action for a focus shift from direct service models to the collaborative impact that influences the root causes behind social challenges.

During the first three editions of the Dela Programme, over 200 selected experts from the global social innovation and corporate sector provided 35 leading social entrepreneurs the support to develop their impact-scaling strategies. We are excited to welcome another 12 social entrepreneurs in our forth Dela Programme.

Social Enterprises