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i-did guides people to work

Today, there are many people who struggle to secure decent work and establish new skills. This often holds them back and can lead to exclusion, low self-esteem and a lack of integration into society.

Social enterprise i-did support these individuals to gain the skills, confidence and work experience that enables them to move forward and have economic independence. Working with the local government, they employ people on a six-month/year basis, training them in the art of producing acoustic interior products, bags and accessories all from recycled felt. However, they offer much more than just a job. i-did gives people a place to meet and socialise, combining work-based coaching and guidance to help get them their next job.

Idid fabric

Photography Vera Claessen

Our partnership with i-did supports this reintegration work and also provides i-did IKEA waste textile
materials so they can turn it into new products, contributing to a more circular economy. A win-win for all.  

The step to success

Each year around 100 people join i-did’s programme in The Netherlands with around 70% of the employees going on to get a paid job at other employers in the region. Our collaboration with i-did has been ongoing since 2016.

Together with IKEA Netherlands and IKEA of Sweden (product development), the partnership has resulted in limited collections sold in stores throughout the Netherlands. The collections are made from local textile leftovers from IKEA that are recycled and turned into products.
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Photography Vera Claessen

We are now working on expanding our partnership and providing financial support to allow i-did to invest in new ways to make the recycling process and business expansion possible. This way i-did can pilot new opportunities to scale and support more people.

All this is part of our wider mission to create better opportunities for vulnerable and marginalised people with social entrepreneurs.

What’s next?
It’s all about making a positive impact. By working with pioneers and pathfinders who use their business as a way to make everyday life better for those who need it most, we strive towards a more equal and inclusive society.