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Agro Supply


East Africa Accelerator 2021
in partnership with Acumen  

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Agro Supply is a social enterprise committed to improving the lives of rural communities through mobile innovation

Smallholder farmers are feeding the world, but the vast majority live in poverty, yet only 7% have access to financing through traditional banks and microfinance. This leaves the rest of them with little to no means to increase the quantity and quality of their products and unable to compete in today’s market.

Agro Supply is a social enterprise that has developed a digital layaway platform that enables farmers to save for agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, and training - in small increments using their mobile phones. With their tailored retail products, farmers are also able to access smaller packages of high-quality seeds and fertilizers to meet their needs.

To date, Agro Supply has worked with 130 Village Agents spread across Uganda who use technology to onboard farmers. They've served more than ten thousand farmers, 40% of whom are women. Through their work, they've helped farmers produce 16k tons of additional food through climate-resilient crops and seeds.

The startup is multi-faceted, including software engineers, agronomists and data scientists, bound together by their commitment to improving the lives of rural communities through mobile innovation.