San Miguel Suchixtepec, Oaxaca

Mexico Community Conservation programme
in partnership with WWF  

Guitani is involved in the production of agave disrillate bottles with fruit.

Guitani is an organisation of five Zapotec farmers. They organically grow fruit trees such as apples, peaches and pears. Guitani uses the Milpa System Intercropped with Fruit trees (MIAF), which combines fruit trees with corn and other traditional crops. This polyculture system uses agro-ecological and soil conservation techniques, thus preventing erosion and soil degradation. 

Guitani was founded in 2008, creating fields with the MIAF system. The result is quality fruit and a handmade product: bottles of Agave distillate (mezcal, a form of a drink similar to tequila) with an apple, pear or peach inside. Each farmer can produce up to 2,000750ml bottles each cycle. 

They have learned the art of bottling fruit from over twelve years of working with the products, sharing it with future generations. Today, they aim to continue working to improve their production processes to improve the quality and and increase capacity to 5,000 bottles for both national and international markets. Their production must gain access to fair price markets so that they may continue to carry out environmentally friendly processes in the area.


I want people to know that it is possible to work in an agro-ecological way, protecting the soil without destroying it with chemicals, and to strengthen the soil for production (...) I want to take good care of the trees, increase production, achieve recognition at state, national and international level, obtain certification and sell the products at a fair price.

Celestino Ramirez Pacheco, Chairperson.