Hipocampus Centros de Aprendizaje


Mexico Accelerator Programme
in partnership with New Ventures


Hipocampus offers on-site day-care so children can receive a quality education.

Hipocampus work with companies to offer an on-site day-care where the children of the company's employees can receive a quality education. In Mexico, the quality of primary education is often poor and is a challenge for single working families to find decent alternatives

Hipocampus centers adapt their schedules to the needs of each company, so employees don’t have to worry about the school closing before their shift ends. Hipocampus mainly target are people that receive minimum wage in Mexico (€5 daily) and have technical roles in factories.

Hipocampus model allows them to have multiple beneficiaries:

  • Children can be admitted from the age of 45 days until they are 6 years old. They are able to be in a safe space and receive a quality education that can improve their early childhood development
  • Parents can ensure their children receive a quality education, with very low investment. This is achieved thanks to their B2B model where the companies pay more than 70% of the child’s education and employees only pay approximately €35 per month/per child.
  • They help marginalized women from the communities and train them to become Hipocampus Educators. Then they are employed in each center and are offered a career plan.

Hipocampus also has training, workshops and provides reports for the parents to support their parenting skills. Parents have shown improvement in their work performance and punctuality. They can focus better at work and ask for fewer permissions to attend to their children. This results in better work opportunities and development. 

As a result of all their endeavors, Hipocampus has helped 192 children since 2017. All have shown improvement in their development within 6 months of attending an Hipocampus Centre