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Mukuru Clean Stoves


East Africa Accelerator 2021
in partnership with  Acumen  

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Mukuru Clean Stoves is a social enterprise that provides reliable and affordable cookstoves for low-income household

‘Mukuru’ is the third-largest slum-dwelling in Kenya, and in it, many families cook meals by burning solid fuels such as wood in open fires or by using traditional stoves. This exposes families to air pollution levels as much as 50 times greater than the World Health Organization guidelines for clean air.

Mukuru Clean Stoves is a social enterprise that designs, produces and distributes improved, reliable and affordable cookstoves for low-income households. These stoves have been made by locally-sourced recycled metal and have been distributed through networks of local women business owners and microfinance institutions.

The enterprise has helped foster women's entrepreneurship. 100% of Mukuru sales agents are women and 85% of them live in the communities that they serve. Further, they partner with local women-owned businesses to reach their target market. 

Clean cookstoves can decrease fuel consumption by 30-60% and reduces toxic smoke emissions by 50-90%. It is Mukuru Clean Stoves' vision is to significantly reduce household air pollution in underserved markets in Africa.