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PayWay Ethiopia provides banking and payment services to rural, unbanked populations

PayWay Ethiopia is an e-payment service to provide banking and payment services to rural, unbanked populations. Specifically, the enterprise targets unemployed women and youth or those with unstable jobs to provide entrepreneurial skills and an income.

With their main goal being to develop and improve the capabilities of instant payment systems in Ethiopia, they offer PayWay on three platforms: the self-service kiosk, the mobile Point of Sale and the web interface. Service providers will come on board so their consumers can have the convenience of seamless payment for various services in real-time, without queues, and at any time.

PayWay Ethiopia, one of the fastest-growing digital payment platforms and currently has 50 operating partners. Besides offering e-payment services to Ethiopians, the enterprise is also dedicated to facilitating job creation opportunities in the country.

They hope to drive sustainable poverty reduction, social stability, and improved gender relations. To date, the enterprise has created 52 jobs and intends to create more.