Postales de Cafe

Postales de Café 

Chiapas, Mexico  

Mexico Accelerator Programme  
in partnership with New Ventures  


Postales de Café is revolutionising the Mexican coffee industry "del campo a la taza" – from the field to cup

Cultivated in over 70 countries by thousands of independent farmers, coffee is one of the oldest commodities in the world. However, its prices are like rollercoasters, influenced by various factors, including supply and demand, weather conditions, production costs, and global economic trends. For small coffee producers, this means uncertainty and struggle. Despite the global demand, many cannot reap the rewards of their hard work due to high costs and fluctuating prices. 

Postales de Café is a sustainable and inclusive coffee roaster on a mission to revolutionise the coffee industry "del campo a la taza" – from the field to your cup. By vertically integrating the coffee production chain, the company creates a pathway for local Mexican coffee producers to shine on national and international stages. 

The company buys coffee beans directly from Finca Hamburgo, a farm located in Chiapas that brings together 100 families that have produced coffee for more than 135 years. In addition to coffee production, Postales de Café supports the communities' economic development through conservation projects, ecological tourism, boutique hotels, coffee tours and restaurants.  

The partnership with Finca Hamburgo guarantees that producers receive a fair price and provides employment opportunities for migrants living in the southeast of Mexico, where all jobs offer stability, fair wages, and access to healthcare. 

Postales de Café's journey is an ongoing one. From a physical coffee shop to online stores, it offers roasted coffees catering to various tastes. The company also extend its hand to smaller coffee shops by lending machines and providing maintenance services, fostering a sense of shared growth. 

Programme support 

Through support from the Mexico Accelerator Programme, Postales de Café's aims to create a new marketing division and expand its digital and physical sales channels. We will also assist Postales de Café in acquiring relevant certifications and developing strategic alliances in the coffee industry