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Solerchil Technologies


East Africa Accelerator 2021
in partnership with  Acumen

Solerchill Technologies produces solar-powered cold chain technology to help Ugandan farmers and vendors safely preserve unsold food

Agriculture and the whole food production sector consumes more than 30% of the entire energy produced globally. Unfortunately, a very big percentage of players use green gas-emitting technologies. In the end, the sector contributes more than 20% of the green gas emitted globally.

In the efforts to reduce food waste and its climatic effects, Solerchill makes, sells and rents out solar-powered cold chain technologies to help farmers, food market vendors and restaurant owners. This allows them to safely preserve their unsold food as Solerchill links them to buyers who can take up the unsold food at half price before expiry.

Also, over 50% of the Ugandans population depend on agriculture for food and livelihood. The enterprise makes sure that Ugandan farmers have the means to safely store their harvest by offering their technology to an organized farmer group. 

To date, the enterprise has eliminated 53,707,680 Kg of CO2-e in three years and reached 90,600 customers with their technology. This in turn has saved 28,267,200 kgs of food from being lost to waste