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TEKITI links artisans with big corporations

More than 50% of artisans in Mexico live in poverty, are poorly educated and live in remote communities where they can’t access big buyers for their handicrafts.

TEKITI links artisans and big corporations who are interested in collaborating with them. Together, they design and craft tailor-made products that honor and highlight their traditional techniques while adapting to the needs of the client.

TEKITI provides the technology, financial support, and mentoring that artisans need to maintain these important collaborations. Their main goal is to build win-win collaborations where formality, fair trade, and growth are the main drivers.

Thanks to their business model, TEKITI ensures that at least 60% of their total income goes directly to the communities, where 70% of the artisans they work with are women.

Additionally, TEKITI develops skills and shares tools to improve financial and personal decision making among their beneficiaries so they can generate a better quality of life through their work.

Since its foundation, TEKITI has worked with +200 artisans and with their community workshops have reached +800 indirect beneficiaries. They have worked with companies like Danone and exports to the US and Central America to influence 35 different communities in Mexico.