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Unión San Pedro para la Agricultura Sostenible 100 Sombras

Malvarisco, San Pedro el Alto, Oaxaca

Mexico Community Conservation programme
in partnership with WWF

Organic coffee producers.

Unión San Pedro para la Agricultura Sostenible 100 Sombras was founded in 2011. It is an organic cooperative society dedicated to green bean and specialty coffee production. They use circular agriculture methods, such as transforming coffee pulp into the compost.

Unión San Pedro has a tradition of second-generation producers and over 25 years of experience. It is made up of 166 members from seven communities of the San Pedro el Alto municipality. Their coffee is grown under shade, preserving the ecosystem services of the Mesophilic Mountain Forest in the Copalita River Basin. Its members established the cooperative society because there were producers in the region, mainly young people, for whom coffee production was not cost-effective due to low profitability and high levels of market competition. Now, with technical assistance and improved practices, their coffee has been certified organic, allowing them to stock and trade in local and international markets. 

The company has conditioned 146 ha of coffee, which guarantees 732 Qq for the next 15 years. Moreover, they seek to increase their specialty coffee production capabilities by enhancing their production processes to meet the necessary standards for export. This is done through eco-friendly, agroecological production practices.


We produce, stock, and trade coffee for the domestic market in the United States and Canada. We want people to know the coffee process, to see how we protect the environment and the river by planting trees with no chemical use, and how we diversify our products so that the soil always remains in optimum conditions.

José Cafaso Jacinto Pacheco.