Yin Bey

Yin Bey

San Miguel Suchixtepec, Oaxaca

Mexico Community Conservation programme
in partnership with WWF

Producers of Z mushrooms, grown by recycling by-products like coffee pulp and dried maize stalks.

Yin Bey is a company of Zapotec women from the municipality of San Miguel Suchixtepec, who produce organic Z mushrooms. Working in the company allows women to earn a supplementary income for their households.
This Community Conservation Enterprise (CCE) is made up of three members, all from the same family. In mid-2020 they decided to resume their organisational effort to produce Z mushrooms, which had initially been started in 2015. These mushrooms are grown by recycling by-products like coffee pulp and dried maize stalks, as they are high in cellulose and sugars, the main nutritional components of the mushrooms.   

Yin Bey aims to participate in a local market so that consumers can include Z mushrooms in their diets. Their mushrooms have many nutritional benefits and a low environmental impact in the production cycle. As they gain experience, they aim to become the most important Z mushroom producer in Oaxaca. They would like to position themselves as a female business model, a successful producer that protects the environment.


The production of Z mushrooms is an opportunity for us to work with people we trust and with whom we like to share. We can also produce something that doesn't harm people or the environment. We don't use chemicals; everything is organic."

Lourdes Salinas Ruíz, Chairperson.