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Driving impact in Indonesia through social entrepreneurship

 I-SEA is a two-year programme to improve the lives of people from marginalised and excluded groups in Indonesia by strengthening the work of social enterprises. 

The event brought together the 10 participating social enterprises — I-SEA Changemakers —, investors, corporates and members of the wider entrepreneurial community in Indonesia to celebrate the end of the programme. Over two days we heard inspiring stories and insights, and the social enterprises demonstrated their innovative solutions developed during the programme. 

A platform for sharing and learning 

The first day provided a platform for the I-SEA Changemakers to gain exposure to media, investors and potential business partners. Each enterprise took the opportunity to present their business and their progress to corporate partners and investors for potential collaboration.  

Read more about the 10 social enterprises or watch them share their businesses and impact.  

The second day was dedicated to sharing inspiring stories, ecosystem insights and accomplishments. Panel discussions emphasised the continued need for collaboration, learning, and dedicated support to develop impactful businesses. 

During his welcome address, Muhammad Firdaus, Deputy Assistant for Micro Business Protection and Facilitation at the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, highlighted the vital role of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia's economy and stressed the importance of support, noting “their success does not solely hinge on innovation or compliance, but also on overcoming hurdles and many other challenges. By providing access to capital and implementing effective marketing strategies, we can cultivate an enabling environment that fuels the growth of MSMEs." 
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Tailormade support 

Together with IKEA Indonesia, the programme (which runs for a second time starting September 2023) supports social entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and impact by providing tailor-made guidance, mentorship, financing and ecosystem support. 

During a discussion on key insights from the I-SEA programme, Adijoyo Prakoso , COO of participating social enterprise, Duitin, said, “I-SEA has opened doors to valuable knowledge, networking and collaborations for us. Duitin has successfully secured numerous partnership deals through I-SEA.”  

“When our CEO signed up for the I-SEA programme, some of us questioned the timing amidst a pandemic-driven slowdown. However, the experience proved eye-opening. Among the most insightful lessons we gain from the accelerator is the importance of accurately measuring our impact. Often, entrepreneurs and business leaders prioritise financial performance while unintentionally neglecting the social and environmental aspects,” added Duenno Ludissa Purbodiningrat, Founder and Chief Business Officer of Westbike Messenger. 

Learning from social enterprises 

A key part of the I-SEA programme is co-worker engagement where, depending on the enterprise’s needs, IKEA co-workers provide support as mentors, coaches, strategic advisors, masterclass facilitators, or often a combination.  

Co-worker engagement is at the core of the IKEA strategy to be a leader in creating a fair and equal society. On their journeys with social entrepreneurs, co-workers also develop innovation skills, an entrepreneurial mindset and increased knowledge of new markets and diverse customer profiles. 

Christina Niemelä-Ström, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Supply, highlighted the importance of engaging social entrepreneurs saying, “We need to be humble and learn together with social entrepreneurs if we are to become long-term partners. The I-SEA programme opens doors to new ways of doing things for IKEA.” 

Continuing our support in Indonesia 

As we closed the first cohort, we were excited to see that the I-SEA programme facilitated networking and knowledge exchange, and proved to be a valuable platform for social enterprises to gain exposure, collaborate with potential partners, and accelerate their impact. 

Christoph Mathiesen, Partner Account Lead at IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, announced the extension of our partnership with Instellar. “We are thrilled to be launching two more cohorts of the I-SEA programme. Over the next three years, we will support an additional 20 enterprises across various sectors who impact marginalised communities and have a strong business model.” 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Instellar to create a better everyday life for the many people in Indonesia. Look out for our announcement and open call for Indonesian enterprises soon!

Watch the event video.