In this photo: Akanksha Deo, IKEA designer (left), Dhinya (middle) & Teeja (right), artisans at Rangsutra.
Akanksha Deo, IKEA designer (left), Dhinya (middle) & Teeja (right), artisans at Rangsutra.

KLARAFINA and MOAKAJSA - cushion covers with a mission

The latest collection from IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, KLARAFINA and MOAKAJSA brings unique handicraft to a worldwide audience. But more importantly, it provides livelihood and employment for a group of artisans, who often struggle to secure decent work or long-term employment.

Craftswoman Sahji adding embroidered details to a soon-to-be cushion cover.

Creating jobs in rural India

Our partner Rangsutra engages a community of more than 2 000 craftspeople, of which about half are involved in the production of IKEA products. The Indian social enterprise helps strengthen local economies, providing work for rural artisans with few opportunities to earn a living – a group heavily dominated by women. Their work also contributes to keeping traditions and skills alive. Many of the Rangsutra co-workers are also shareholders. As with all IKEA suppliers, it’s crucial that the organisation meets the strict demands for a good work environment, regular working hours and proper wages.

Our whole mission here is to enable women to empower themselves and the future of their daughters, by taking power into their own hands.

Dr Dipti, PhD and programme manager at Rangsutra

Designs that leave a lasting impression

The patterns of the cushion covers are made with different technique focuses: embroidery for MOAKAJSA and handloom weaving for KLARAFINA. Both are decorated with handmade tassels or pompoms.

These cushions are a great example of when IKEA is able to offer people around the world unique decoration pieces made with traditional techniques and skillful craft, providing long-term livelihood for the female artisans whom we have collaborated with.

The KLARAFINA and MOAKAJSA cushion covers were created in collaboration with IKEA designer Akanksha Deo, who worked with the artisan women and shares the vision behind the products in this interview.

The KLARAFINA and MOAKAJSA collection launches April 1, 2020 in all IKEA stores.