Access Bangladesh Foundation

Access Bangladesh Foundation


Dela II Accelerator
in partnership with Ashoka 

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Working to ensure that persons with disabilities in Bangladesh are included in all aspects of development planning in the country

As a result, Albert is opening the opportunity for persons with disabilities to achieve their full potential, become self- sufficient and active contributors to society.

Persons with disabilities in Bangladesh are only seen as recipients of welfare and charity who need to be supported their whole lives as opposed to being individuals who have the potential to become self-sufficient, active contributors to society and independent.

Access Bangladesh Foundation envisions a world where persons with disabilities, their parents, family members, community people, policy makers and other actors in the society to make the persons with disabilities self- reliant and not dependent on others. Enabling all these actors to become contributing productive members of society through promoting equality for persons with disabilities in all spheres of life, through education, health care, appropriate training, employment, communication, and barrier free environment.


With strong belief in the idea of ‘Be the change you want to see’, I am leaning in to make a difference. With a mindset and skillset to collaborate and co-create solutions for social challenges, it is through this association we will help vulnerable communities get access to better everyday life. Adding my experience, passion, knowledge, openness and strategic advice will enable good ideas to flourish into impactful actions.

IKEA Strategy Partner
Neetu Kapasi
Public Affairs & Stakeholder Relationship Manager at IKEA, INGKA (India)