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Simeulue Island, Indonesia 

I-SEA programme Indonesia  
in partnership with Instellar  


Aluan is committed to supporting farmers and conserving local forests on Simeulue Island.

Aluan is a women-led social enterprise that produces sustainable virgin coconut oil. The company takes a holistic approach to sustainable development, acknowledging the interdependence between the environment, society and economy.

Its business model addresses pressing environmental, gender, and financial challenges through its innovative approach to coconut oil production.

Aluan works to address environmental issues like ageing coconut trees that hinder farmer incomes and threaten the entire coconut sector's viability. By engaging closely with farmers, Aluan steers away from destructive agricultural practices, committing to regenerative coconut replanting and intercropping,  

The company also works to dismantle gender barriers. In Indonesia's agricultural sector, women face unique challenges, from limited job opportunities to inflexible working conditions. Aluan champions inclusivity, actively working towards policies and practices that empower women to participate fully in management, fostering an environment where women's potential is no longer limited.  

Additionally, smallholder farmers face financial and business challenges, such as the lack of added value processing, the absence of services in remote areas, and the disconnect between farmers and buyers. Aluan transforms these challenges into opportunities and contributes to farmers' financial well-being by providing fair prices and establishing a direct link between farmers and buyers. 

Aluan has created 90 job opportunities at its production facility and partnered with 11 collectors and over 550 organic farmers. The company's collaborative approach has increased incomes for more than 1,000 farmers across Simeulue Island, Banyak Island and West Aceh by 30 – 40%.

Programme support  

Through I-SEA, we'll support Aluan in developing its strategy for scaling its business and impact, creating plans for capacity building for smallholder farmers on Simeulue Island and providing access to new markets. 

We look forward to supporting Aluan's journey to preserve the coconut sector and sow the seeds for a future where communities thrive, and the environment flourishes.