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Futuro Forestal/The Generation Forest


Dela II Accelerator
in partnership with Ashoka 

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Reforestation projects to build permanent, biodiverse, and profitable forests and motivating other land users to plant forests

Futuro Forestal’s vision is to create investment and philanthropical reforestation project to build as many permanent, biodiverse, and profitable forests as possible while motivating other land users to plant their own forests.

Deforestation of tropical forests is a global problem with many negative effects that include habitat and biodiversity loss, soil degradation, carbon emissions and rural poverty.

Andreas is working on creating and spreading a sustainable land usage concept (The Generation Forest) for degraded soils among private and public landowners. What's more, he is working towards cultural shifts in investment in GF and mobilising land users and multipliers to create alliances as a basis for a change in practices.

I consider it a privilege to support social entrepreneurs who create value beyond economic purpose. I hope that my competence and experience in building and implementing strategies can support in reaching the ambitions of Andreas.

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