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Dela IV Accelerator
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Good4Trust is a platform that brings people together to create a prosumer economy for sustainable living

Our limited access to generative consumption practices exacerbates our current environmental crisis. Generative consumption practices refer to a shift in consumer behaviour towards actively participating in creating, customising, and co-creating products and services, as opposed to solely being passive consumers. It involves consumers engaging in activities that allow them to contribute their ideas, preferences, and creativity in designing, producing, or modifying the goods or experiences they consume.

The organisation was founded with the understanding that holistic transformation is needed, encompassing multiple building blocks to shift mindsets and create lasting change. It focuses on three key elements: building an effective civil society, empowering citizens, and fostering a new economic paradigm.

Good4Trust is an online platform addressing the problem of environmental destruction while empowering individuals to contribute to a sustainable future.

It enables conscious consumers (dubbed "prosumers") to access the services and products of vetted socially and environmentally responsible enterprises. The organisation creates a community around sustainable e-commerce, enabling producers to create and suggest new products and receive commitments from individuals before going into mass production. This allows producers to gauge consumer interest and market trends while decreasing overproduction which is financially and environmentally costly. 

Good4Trust has cultivated a community of over 635 producers and 23,394 prosumers in Turkey, forming a macro-scale circular economy known as the Prosumer Economy. Within this ecosystem, producers and prosumers establish synergistic and circular relationships, operating within deepened circular supply chains and networks. By eliminating wealth leakage, waste, negative ecological impacts, and social exploitation, Good4Trust's model provides a sustainable alternative to the current consumption model. 

Programme support

By addressing the root causes of environmental destruction, empowering individuals, and promoting a circular economy, Good4Trust drives the transformative change needed to achieve a harmonious coexistence between society, the economy, and nature. 
We look forward to supporting the team in scaling up their operations in Turkey and internationalising the prosumer economy to maximise its impact.