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Java Fresh

Java, Indonesia

I-SEA programme Indonesia
in partnership with Instellar


Java Fresh cultivates prosperity for Indonesian farmers and rural communities through global tropical fruit trade

Most farmers in Indonesia are small-scale farmers with limited land and limited access to funding and training. This results in inefficient land use and harvests not reaching economies of scale. Additionally, many women in rural areas face a lack of income opportunities and are unable to leave their families due to societal pressures.

Java Fresh, founded in 2014, works to address these issues and is on a mission to transform the lives of Indonesian farmers by tapping into the rising global demand for fresh fruit. The company conducts research and develops technology to extend the shelf-life of tropical fruits, which it exports globally. 

At the same time, Java Fresh empowers micro-farmers and women-packers across Java and Bali islands by providing essential skills and tools and fostering a sustainable and fair economic system. 

Java Fresh enables micro-farmers to achieve economies of scale, provides work access for women in rural areas, and preserves village forests. Currently, the company works with over 3000 micro-farmers, 120 women-packers, and 30 middlemen and supports two village forests. Their efforts result in shipping over 600 tons of fruits annually to 23 countries, all harvested and packed in rural areas in Indonesia.

Margareta Astaman, the CEO of Java Fresh, transitioned from a career in writing and journalism to spearheading this initiative. Despite little agricultural and business experience, she and the team received invaluable support from the farmers and packers, demonstrating the power of collaboration.  

Programme support  

As part of its participation in I-SEA, Java Fresh aims to scale up its operations to more remote areas, and we’ll support it in developing strategies to achieve this. We’ll also work together to improve how it can measure its impact on micro-farmers, women in rural areas, and biodiversity preservation in village forests. 

We’re excited to be part of Java Fresh’s journey as it creates positive change in the lives of farmers and communities across Indonesia.