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Motion Light Lab creates learning experiences for deaf children and all visual learners

Motion Light Lab is a research and development lab where creative literature intersects with digital technology to create learning experiences for deaf and all visual learners.

The enterprise engages in many different research-driven projects supporting the development of literacy and storybook apps for deaf children. Their impact is “two-fold” by training deaf people to create more ASL resources Motion Light Lab bring more content to Deaf children and support literacy development.  The ultimate goal is to see deaf children get sign language access. 

Since the beginning, Motion Light Lab has collaborated and worked with 10 different countries and has had over 50,000 downloads of their storybook apps. They are now working on bringing singing characters to children's TV. 

Programme support:

Melissa Malzkuhn, founder and director of Motion Light Lab is also the founder of Ink & Salt, a production company that has developed The ASL App which has been downloaded over 2 million times. Melissa has been working globally with different deaf youth programs to support literacy development. The Dela III programme will support her and Motion Light Lab in defining a funding and impact strategy for funding.