RefuSHE Artisan Collective



East Africa Accelerator
in partnership with Acumen

Emily Snider
Director of Marketing & Artisan Initiatives

Stephen Kithusi
Business Development Manager

Supporting young refugee women in East Africa, to empower them and provide a source of income

RefuSHE's founding principle is that every young woman has the right to flourish. The Artisan Collective is a peer-driven social enterprise that supports unaccompanied and orphaned young refugee women in East Africa.

Through the design and production of hand-dyed textile products, Artisan Collective members gain tailoring training and entrepreneurship skills to become economically independent. They express themselves creatively while learning tangible skills that lead to self-sufficiency. 100 % of proceeds from the products are reinvested back into the Collective and the livelihoods of its members. 

The trauma-informed approach allows artisans to achieve economic and social independence. Participants continue their healing within RefuSHE’s supportive environment while learning entrepreneurial skills.