On October 24th, the Dela Summit was hosted at the headquarters of Inter IKEA in Delft, Netherlands, part of the Dela Accelerator programme co-created with Ashoka. 
A big part of the programme has been close cooperation between the social entrepreneurs and IKEA co-workers. For six months, they have shared knowledge, analysed problems and identified the system change they want to achieve. It has all resulted in a roadmap and an organisational strategy to expand. 
The summit will be the first time all involved social entrepreneurs and IKEA co-workers come together. For three days they will share experiences and learn from each other. In addition, leaders from various sectors are coming to give these social entrepreneurs last minute input before the next phase begins.

During the summit they will wrap up the strategy phase, and kick off the next phase, the implementation phase. 

During the  implementation phase the social entrepreneurs will turn their learnings into actions. Each entrepreneur will also be connected with a new IKEA co-worker, to support them achieve their goals. 

The implementation phase goes on for another six months. 

IKEA Social Entrepreneurship is very excited to be a part of such a big event, where amazing people are coming together for a greater cause. Together, we hope to create a positive impact, making lives better all over the world.