Básicos de Mexico


Mexico Accelerator 2021
in partnership with New Ventures 

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Básicos de Mexico offers timeless textiles that guarantees decent conditions for garment producers and low environmental impact

Many small family workshops in Mexico that make clothes for so-called fast fashion brands get paid very little for each garment. At the same time, they have to produce very high quantities working very long hours. By collaborating closely with garment workshops, Básicos de México is a social enterprise that promotes sustainable, good quality textile products where producers receive fair wages and work under just conditions.

Although consumers in Mexico are becoming more and more aware that the fast fashion brands they wear are often produced in a way that makes people and the planet suffer, there are few alternatives available in their country. To change this situation, Básicos de México offers their socially and environmentally sound clothing through an omnichannel Business-to-consumer (B2C) model that currently operates one store and online sales throughout the country.

Favouring horizontal and collaborative relationships with local garment producers, the Básicos de México team visits their workshops and sources their materials directly from them. They agree together on the price of each garment according to how long it takes to be made, as well as on delivery dates and production levels. Básicos de México also looks at other aspects, such as the physical conditions of the workshops and health programs.

This way, the social enterprise works to constantly improve their processes and the products they deliver to the market. Buyers of their BSCS clothing brand can be sure to get timeless quality garments made from low environmental impact fabrics, that are produced in a fair and transparent way and at accessible prices.

Programme support:

Still a small but steadily growing start-up, Básicos de México wants to continue professionalizing their processes. By participating in the IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and New Ventures accelerator, they will make their commercial strategies more efficient and ready to scale, so they can attract investors and expand their market presence.

“Sustainability should be affordable to everyone” is the Básicos de México team motto. With support from Ikea Social Entrepreneurship and New Ventures, they will increase the amount of garments workshops they work with while reaching ever more customers.