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Being Together Foundation

Cieszyn, Poland

Refugee Employment Initiative
in partnership with NESsT


The Being Together Foundation empowers marginalised groups through personalized career training and employment opportunities

The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Development Być Razem (“Being Together”) operates a multi-segment social enterprise, in addition to carrying out activities focused on vocational training and integrating people excluded from the labor force in Poland. Its businesses range from laundry and catering services to a carpentry workshop where products are crafted for the WellDone brand, which specialises in small interior design items made from wood.

In the firm belief that everyone deserves the chance to build a fulfilling career, Being Together runs comprehensive training and re-adaptation programs for individuals distanced from the labour market. It works alongside every candidate to create individual career paths and provide professional and social counseling. After building their skill sets, graduates are offered the opportunity to work in the Foundation’s social enterprise, as well as in the open job market.

Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Foundation co-founded the Cieszyn Social Committee to Aid Ukraine, formed by a cohort of recognised local entities. The cooperation provides refugees with basic needs assistance, supports their settlement, and connects them with the local job market.
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