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South America Accelerator Programme
in partnership with NESsT


Disruptia bridges Colombia's employment gap with technology-driven skills training for marginalised groups

There are close to 3 million unemployed people in Colombia, with people from marginalised groups representing a substantial proportion of this figure. People face limited access to quality education, and there’s often a mismatch between jobseekers’ skills and those required by companies.

Disruptia is a social enterprise leveraging technology to bridge the gap between the skills of jobseekers and the demands of companies in the digital job market in Colombia and other countries in Latin America. Its accessible training services have empowered and uplifted 3,000 people from diverse backgrounds, including at-risk youth aged between 18 and 30, women, ethnic minorities, migrants, and people over 50, by equipping them with the skills they need to succeed.

Disruptia supports people in improving their employability and acquiring sought-after skills in the rapidly evolving job landscape. The enterprise’s recently launched recruitment platform uses AI to identify the precise skill sets required by companies in its database and adjust its training content to meet their needs. Its courses cover technical skills like sales, customer service, and data analytics, as well as essential skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. By defining clear pathways to employment, Disruptia ensures its graduates are prepared and capable job candidates – 54% of whom find work within three months of completing training.

Businesses across various sectors recognise the urgent need to address skill shortages and build diverse workforces to stay competitive. Beyond supporting individual job seekers, Disruptia also works closely with companies to enhance their recruitment efforts and add a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to their HR processes.

The opportunities of support provided by the programme are immensely valuable. In addition to financial resources that will enable us to accelerate our commercial efforts and expand into new markets, NESsT gives us access to highly qualified mentors. This will allow us to improve the skills of our leadership and operations teams to take our organisation to the next level.

- Disruptia leadership
Programme support

Since its founding, Disruptia has experienced steady organic growth. Through the programme, we’ll support Disruptia’s sustainable expansion, leveraging their networks to connect them with organisations and companies for new partnerships and investment opportunities.

With the support of NESsT and IKEA mentors, Disruptia will expand its operations team, implement a scaling strategy, and increase its diversity, equality and inclusion-focused employee database.

Disruptia also wishes to reach more people who face barriers to securing dignified work. One way it plans to do this is by organising recruitment events for entrepreneurs and job seekers, providing spaces to discuss recruitment challenges and share training opportunities and job prospects.